Map Navigation Course (NNAS)

Our navigation course (NNAS) is more than map navigation, but maps is at the heart of it. Depending on the navigation course you enrol to, you'll learn how to use a compass, how to navigate at night or poor weather conditions. You'll master outdoors navigation.

  • NNAS Bronze
  • NNAS Silver
  • Mountain skills and navigation
  • Mountain Leader refresher
  • Map reading courses
  • Compass course
  • One day navigation course
  • Night Navigation
  • Relocation training
  • We also offer private NNAS Mountain Skills Courses – prices on request.

All navigation course training courses take place in the Yorkshire Dales apart from the Mountain Skills which take place in the Lake District.

We can run navigation course training in other parts of the country to suit your choice but there would be an additional charge for travel and accommodation if required.

Our Courses

NNAS Courses

NNAS Courses are practical and include advice on relevant safety and access issues when walking in the countryside and all provide navigation skills so you can enjoy your walks. Do you want to:-

  • Understand an OS map?
  • Learn how to use a compass?
  • Always know where you are?
  • Be able to plan your own walks using rights of way and across open country?
  • Never get lost again by being a competent navigator?
  • NNAS will give you the skills to do this so they’ll be no more relying on guide books to get out and about.

NNAS Bronze Course

This Award gives you the skills to walk in the valleys and the terrain of the Yorkshire Dales. The course includes map skills, route planning, grid references, compass skills, contour interpretation, distance estimation, relocation, emergency procedures and kit knowledge.

You will able to plan and follow your own walks following rights of way on a map.

NNAS Silver Course

You will able to plan and follow your own walk across open country.

One day Map Reading/Compass Courses

Do you want to learn how to use a compass? Take compass bearings and get yourself off the hill in bad weather. These courses includes navigation using linear features such as walls and rivers, navigating using contours, map symbols, types of map, grid references and using a compass to take bearings from ground to map using back bearings.

This will give you basic map reading & compass skills.

Night Navigation

A challenging, yet fun way to test your navigation skills and gain that extra confidence in your ability.

Relocation Training

An important skill in getting “unlost”, using varying techniques to determine where you actually are, a must for serious adventures into unfamiliar territory.