Guided Walks in the Yorkshire Dales
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Build your team with a little adventure on the wild side with Corporate Away Days

Corporate away days

Take your colleagues out of their comfort zones, get far away from their desks and take your team building to new limits and try some new experiences. Together.

We can offer bespoke days with qualified instructors to suit your needs, from easy walks to challenging hikes, map reading and navigation lessons to overnight wild camping in the wilds of the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District or further afield.

Why choose a corporate away day?

  • Improved team communications
  • Develop team roles
  • Time to develop skills
  • Better relationships
  • Feeling valued

Chose from the following:

Guided day walks
Take time out and relax and enjoy the countryside

Mountain adventures
Be adventurous and spend a day in the mountains taking in the views

Wild camping/backpacking
Have a true outdoor experience

Challenge walks
Raise money for charity and give your company some good PR as well as working as a team to get everybody across the finish line

Guided  long distance walks
Experience the adventure and you could even do this as a charity walk and raise money

Night hike up Mount Snowdon
Give your team a new experience something to take them out of there comfort zone

Xmas pub walk
Time to be festive explore the Countryside with a morning walk then return to the pub for a 2 course xmas lunch

Winter walking/hill skills
Walk up a Scottish mountain learning  new skills and working as a team

All corporate away days are bespoke so please contact us
to discuss your requirements